CoQ10: Miracle Enzyme?

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, creates usable energy for cells which helps the body in various ways. It helps keep the oxygen levels of the blood balanced,  which prevents premature aging in cells. It aids both the cardiovascular system function properly and strengthens neurological processing. Not only that, but it is linked to diminishing side-effects of menopause, depression, chronic pain, and even dry eyes.

A Breakdown of CoQ10

CoQ10 sounds too good to be true. How can a supplement made in the body be able to subvert medications and use the body’s natural biological processes to alleviate pain? Is it truly a replacement used to treat diseases?

The answer is, not really. CoQ10 is not a replacement; that’s why it is called a supplement. When added to your daily nutrient intake, it has been proven to alleviate many symptoms. As you age, your natural CoQ10 levels drop, especially when you are taking a kind of medication to lower your cholesterol called statins. Adding a CoQ10 supplement to your diet could vastly improve your quality of life by eliminating free radical damage to your cells. Here is a breakdown of different diseases and how CoQ10 can eliminate severe symptoms by acting as an antioxidant. CoQ10 balances oxygen levels in the blood while stimulating the mitochondrial function in cells.

  • Menopause

When a woman goes into menopause, extreme hormonal changes occur in her body. Some of the side effects of menopause are confusion and dizziness. Studies have shown that CoQ10 supplements helped patients’ cognitive functions return to normal within a short amount of time.

  • Depression

Many mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia and bipolar are not usually linked, until recent studies have shown that oxidative stress leads to symptoms of all of these diseases. Mental disorders stem from brain dysfunction is receiving too much oxygen, other vitamins and chemicals needed for the brain’s normal functioning cannot  be absorbed. Clinical depression is diagnosed both by the lack of serotonin uptake in the brain as well as a feeling of anhedonia, or lack of interest in former hobbies. CoQ10 stimulates neurons in the brain and encourages blood flow, which is needed to bring brain function back to normal.

  • Chronic Pain

Besides eliminating free radical damage from over-oxygenation of cells, CoQ10 helps relax stiff muscles that result in unbearable pain. Unlike a pulled muscle or a stiff neck, chronic pain can be caused by nerve damage, which is what happens when there is too much oxygen in the blood.

  • Dry eyes

CoQ10 is known to help aging effects on tissues and cells, which is why dry eyes can be treated with the help of this coenzyme. CoQ10 protects tear ducts from being inflamed, a side-effect of older cells.

CoQ10: The Anti-Aging Formula

As you can see, CoQ10 works as a helpful antioxidant, bringing useful energy to the body’s cells while protecting them from being damaged. From mental disorders to dry eyes, CoQ10 is here to help you feel better, without taking unnatural substances that are foreign to your body. Although you already create your own CoQ10 yourself, as you age, CoQ10 levels drop, and sometimes are diminished when taking other medications. In this case, a supplement will help restore your quality of life.