This review examines a product manufactured by Doctors Best called High Absorption CoQ10. High Absorption CoQ10 softgels are designed to promote heart vitality, promote cardiovascular health and increase cellular energy. Levels of CoQ10 begin to decline naturally after age 40 and drugs prescribed for high cholesterol have also been associated with notable side effects that may drain the body’s CoQ10 levels. This product is specifically designed to raise levels of CoQ10 in individuals who have decreased levels.


There are three stages in cellular respiration or energy production. Ubiquinone is a coenzyme which is vital to the third phase of cellular respiration called oxidative phosphorylation. It is also a powerful antioxidant. Increasing levels of ubiquinone in the body can therefore improve energy production and reduce inflammation and tissue damage which are caused by oxidants.

Black pepper extract is often added to natural products to improve the absorption of their natural ingredients. Gelatin is added as a packing material to create the soft gel consistency.


Adults should take one softgel of Doctor’s Best High Absorption CoQ10 daily or as directed by a physician. The capsule should be taken with food to increase its absorption. Each capsule delivers 100 mg of coenzyme Q10.

Possible Side Effects

There are no listed side effects however users are advised to consult their healthcare provider before use if they are taking any prescription medications or if they have a medical condition. The softgels are made with gelatin which makes this product unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans. The softgels also contain soy which means that persons with soy allergies will not be able to use this product.


One bottle of Doctor’s Best High Absorption COQ10  Softgels contains 120 softgels and can be purchased from third party retailers for $12.93 or 60 softgels for $9.14 . There is no discount offered for purchasing many bottles at once.


The manufacturer does not offer any form of guarantee on this product. This is slightly concerning because when we researched the customer reviews we found that only 68% of the customers were completely satisfied which means that 32% of customers did not receive their money back for a product which did not work completely for them.

Our Doctors Best High Absorption Coq10 Review – Conclusion

The science behind this product is definitely strong and the product is offered at a very reasonable price.

This manufacturer does have some shortfalls in customer support. Their use of gelatin in the soft gel does not consider vegan or vegetarian customers.  They also offer no discount for buying in bulk on a product which is conclusively designed for long-term use so use of this product is therefore more expensive and tedious for the customer to use. They also don’t offer any form of guarantee which even suggests a lack of confidence in their product to achieve the results they claim it does. From our research, we have certainly found other manufacturers which have much stronger customer support policies.

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