What is CoQ10?

Officially known as Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10 is a compound in your body that helps produce energy and protects cells from oxidative stress. Although your body produces it naturally, as you age the production slowly decreases. CoQ10 is stored in the mitochondria which is the part of the cells that produce energy. Deficiencies have been linked to health conditions likes heart disease, brain disorders, cancer and diabetes. There are several natural dietary sources from which you can supplement CoQ10 like organ meats and lentils but many will find it beneficial to their health to supplement the enzyme through a dietary supplement. Continue reading to learn more about the various health benefits CoQ10 has for your health and the best ways how to get them.

Happy Health Heart

Heart failure usually occurs as a result of other heart conditions like high blood pressure. Having a heart condition can lead to increased oxidative damage which can affect the heart in a way that it cannot contract normally, relax or pump blood through the body. Studies have found that patients with heart failure who were treated with CoQ10 were able to improve their symptoms and significantly reduced their chances of dying from a heart problem.

Fruitful Fertility

Research has linked that fertility levels lower in conjunction with CoQ10 levels. This causes the body to become unable to protect the eggs from oxidative damage. Maintaining decent levels of CoQ10 can maintain egg quality and even reverse age-related decline in egg quality and quantity. Likewise, CoQ10 can protect sperm from oxidative damage and and quality.

Cancer Prevention

CoQ10 helps your body fight oxidative damage. If your body is unable to fight oxidative damage, your cells can become damaged which can increase your risk of developing cancer. Maintaining healthy levels of CoQ10 can protect cells from oxidative stress. Studies have found that patients suffering from cancer have lower levels of CoQ10 than those without cancer.

Brain Power

Mitochondrial function generally decreases with age. Mitochondrial dysfunction increases the risk of killing brain cells and can cause diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. The brain is especially vulnerable to oxidative stress due to its high fatty acid content and its need for oxygen. Oxidative damage can increase the development of harmful compounds that can affect your memory, cognition, and physical functions.

Decreased Headaches

When abnormal mitochondrial function occurs it causes increased calcium uptake by the cells which can cause low brain energy and migraines. CoQ10 resides in the mitochondria which can affect mitochondrial function and decrease inflammation that occurs during migraines. Studies have shown that patients who supplement with CoQ10 experienced reduced number of migraines. In addition to treating migraines, CoQ10 is believed to prevent them from occurring.

Decreased Diabetes

Metabolic disease, like diabetes, can be caused by oxidative stress that induces cell damage. Unusual mitochondrial function has been linked to insulin resistance. CoQ10 has been linked to the improvement of insulin sensitivity and the ability to support regulated blood sugar levels.

CoQ10 The Bottom Line

CoQ10 is a coenzyme that has the ability to vastly improve your health. It has been shown to improve heart health, blood sugar regulation, migraines and can boost your brain power. Whether you choose to eat more CoQ10 soluble foods like organ meats or lentils or you supplement, CoQ10 is definitely worth making the effort to maintain healthy levels.