High Strength Ultra CoQ10 is designed to help benefit your general health and well being. The formula works by preventing free radical damage to cells, protecting the heart and providing temporary short-term relief from fatigue. The manufacturers claim that this product contains a high potency dose of an oil-based Coenzyme Q10 which is readily absorbed.

In this review of Thompson’s High Strength Ultra CoQ10, we look at the facts to see if this product lives up to its claims of containing a high potency formula of CoQ10.


This product contains 300 mg of Coenzyme Q10 as the only active ingredient. Coenzyme is high in antioxidants and responsible for producing energy within the cells as well as protecting the cells from free radical damage. It is essential for many functions and chemicals in the body and since our bodies stop producing this enzyme with age, it is important to replenish these levels. While the manufacturer has stated that it is free of artificial colorants, it seems that the additional ingredients in this formula are colorings, encapsulating aids and antioxidants.


This product comes in convenient easy to swallow capsules.Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not list if these capsules are made from vegetarian-friendly sources or if it made from gelatin. The recommended dose is one capsule a day with meals or as prescribed by a doctor.

Possible Side Effects

While there are no side effects listed by the manufacturer, research shows that people taking doses higher than 300 mg may suffer from some side effects such as rashes, nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, sensitivity to light, irritability, headache, heartburn, and fatigue. This product should not be taken without consulting a doctor if you are on warfarin.


High Strength Ultra CoQ10  can only be purchased online from authorized third-party retailers. The product retails from $23.00 to $25.00 depending on the supplier. There are no discounts or bulk purchase options available for this product.


Since this product cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer, there is no guarantee policy in place for consumers. We were unable to find any customer reviews that suggest consumers were able to get a refund. The lack of guarantee has us doubting this product’s effectiveness.

Our Thompson’s High Strength Ultra CoQ10 Review – Conclusion

Thompson’s has some promise when it comes to providing cardiovascular health with the use of CoQ10 in convenient capsules, however, we do have a few doubts about this product. The first concern is that the manufacturer has not mentioned the source of the colorings and encapsulating aids even though the product states that there are no additional artificial colorants or flavors. Our second concern is that there is no guarantee for this formula and no customer reviews from trustworthy sources, this leaves us questioning this product effectiveness and provides us with no confidence in the formula. Our final concern is that the daily serving of CoQ10 may cause side effects in some and the manufacturer has failed to note this on the product. Our conclusion is that it may be in your best interest to look for a product that offers a guarantee and clearly informs you about the source of its ingredients.

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