The Anti-Aging Benefits of CoQ10

CoQ10 is short for a natural enzyme found in your body called Coenzyme Q10. Research has divulged findings that CoQ10 supplements can maintain healthy cells and increase cell function. CoQ10 helps stops aging processes built naturally into cells by reducing the amount of high oxidation (oxidant stress) and damage to the powerhouse of the cell (mitochondria). To provide energy to your cells, the cell uses CoQ10 for fuel. It has been found that the older you are, CoQ10 levels found in your blood are depleted.

What benefits do CoQ10 supplements have?

Lower than normal levels of CoQ10 can slow the cell’s ability to burn fuel, as well as accelerate aging in cells. Damage to the oxidant levels of the cell is proven to have shortened a person’s lifespan. Taking CoQ10 supplements assist the mitochondria and even reverses the aging process of cells, which promotes a longer, healthier life. Ways in which CoQ10 helps in the treatment of a disease and reduces side-effects of medications is detailed below.

Studies on CoQ10 levels in worms and mice have proven that their cells benefited greatly from taking CoQ10 supplements. Results of this experiment show that prove that a cell’s function rebounds when treated with CoQ10, returning to a point where cell functions respond more quickly in a youthful manner. When translating these findings to that of a human’s lifespan, this could mean that humans could live up to nine years longer with the aid of a supplement of CoQ10.

How can CoQ10 improve the brain’s function and reinvigorate overly-oxidized brain cells?

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) benefit from CoQ10.  All of these diseases are rooted in what is called “mitochondrial dysfunction,” in which cells do not output the correct amount of energy that is needed to maintain a healthy body. Without cells outputting energy, oxidation of the blood and chronic inflammation occurs. Cells not working properly will produce and deposit certain abnormal proteins which cause cells to eventually lose their function altogether and eventually die. IN neurodegenerative disorders, cell death results in slowed movements, cognitive impairment, and dementia. An addition of CoQ10 can stop cell deterioration and even destroy the abnormal protein deposits, reversing these unfortunate effects. Of course, there are many treatments for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other diseases, but CoQ10 fundamentally alters cell function while reversing detrimental side-effects.

Not only can CoQ10 maintain brain cells and prevent them from deteriorating, it also has shown to help normalize brain function. Mental illnesses such as depression and even schizophrenia have common roots as they both have side effects caused by mitochondrial dysfunction and high levels of oxidation in the brain. When taking a CoQ10 supplement, studies have shown to decrease symptoms of mental disorders.

How can CoQ10 improve cardiovascular function?

CoQ10 has proven to improve blood oxygenation and heart rate in people suffering from lung diseases, high blood pressure, and/or diabetes. Diabetes and other metabolic diseases cause a higher oxidation in body tissues, while simultaneously lowering blood sugar levels. People suffering from high blood pressure are often prescribed medication under the category of “statins”. However, statins lower the natural occurrence of CoQ10 in the blood. A supplement of CoQ10 can combat any of these side effects and help balance the oxygen levels in your blood.

CoQ10: Summing Up

The coenzyme Q10 is already naturally found in the body, but a supplement has proven to greatly benefit many different people. It has shown to decrease side effects brought on by highly oxygenated blood and mitochondrial dysfunction, affecting all parts of the body from the brain to the heart. Results of CoQ10 supplement studies have shown to lengthen and improve quality of life.