CoQ10 Benefits For Heart Attack Patients

Produced naturally by your body, the Coenzyme Q10 is an over-the-counter supplement that helps cells produce energy. When using certain medications prescribed to people who have suffered a heart attack, CoQ10 is produced less and less. Unlike other antioxidants, Q10 is produced especially for healthy cells. Your cells constantly grow and need maintenance, and especially if you have low cholesterol or congenital heart defects, you will have a lack of CoQ10 that must be replenished in order to stay healthy. Below you will see the effects of CoQ10 in patients who have suffered from a heart attack, and how this natural supplement is emerging more and more in treatments to help you maintain a healthy heart.

Who Needs CoQ10?

If you are taking medication called statins that help lower your cholesterol, you should add supplements to assist higher antioxidant levels in your blood. Additionally, the older you are the less CoQ10 is found in your body. Reducing any muscle-related side effects from statins or aging is helped by taking a supplement of CoQ10, as reported by the Mayo Clinic. This supplement also helps treat high blood pressure and other muscle pains that might occur after someone suffers from a heart attack.

The Results

Hundreds of tests have taken place to see CoQ10’s effectiveness. In one randomized clinical trial recorded here, one group of patients with heart problems took Q10 as a supplement for three months. Afterwards, not only were patients more physically fit, their emotional health had also improved. Many studies like this were performed, some double-blind, testing to see whether a higher amount of antioxidants were helpful in patients recovering from the results of heart attacks. In most cases, there were significant changes and improvements in patients after taking Q10.

After two years, patients regularly taking CoQ10 were half as likely to be hospitalized from other heart-related problems. The death rate for people with similar symptoms plummeted as well; only half the amount of heart attack patients passed away due to heart-related issues.

CoQ10: What You Can Do Now

A lot of the time medications that you take to help your heart or prevent heart failure often have other unwanted side effects that block cell regrowth and other processes. Without cellular energy, your body has other deficiencies which effect the heart and creates a cycle that often arises in already weaker hearts. If you have suffered from a heart attack or currently have a heart disease, you may have an energy starved heart.

So, what can you do to help prevent an energy-starved heart? Taking a natural antioxidant is proven to help. It is reported that CoQ10 assists patients with heart disease and heart failure, a natural cure that is only just now starting to show as a standard treatment. Although some people are still skeptical about it, it has been proven in hundreds of clinical trials that besides ACE inhibitors and beta blockers, antioxidants in the blood help with treating heart diseases.