A Healthy Diet And CoQ10 For A Healthy Heart

Regardless of your age, stamina, exercise routine or if you are recuperating from a heart attack or inhibiting the possibilities of one, you need a healthy diet to keep your heart strong. To have a healthy heart you need to fill up your plate with food that is healthy. Supplementing with CoQ10 has also been found to provide many healthy heart benefits. Besides composing a list of healthy foods, you need to be aware of the foods that are not healthy for your heart. We will examine the foods that are good for your heart and which foods to limit to ensure you minimize your risk of heart disease.


Studies have revealed that yogurt fights gum disease. It has been proven that if gum disease is not treated, it can increase the possibility of heart disease. Studies conducted in Japan discovered that a high intake of dairy, especially yogurt, leads to healthy gums.

Whole Grains

Persons who consume a lot of whole grains are usually leaner and are at less risk of having heart disease than persons who do not. Whole grains consist of antioxidants, which fight coronary disease. Whole grains, also, contain high-fiber. Studies indicate that a large intake of high-fiber foods reduced the risk of getting heart disease by 40%.


Consumption of beans on a regular basis leads to a healthy heart and all that is necessary is half a cup of pinto beans, which will decrease cholesterol. A chemical called flavonoids are found in beans, which protects the heart.


If you are looking for protein, then eggs are the correct choice. Despite the nutrients, eggs contain saturated fats. As eggs are part of most people’s diets, opt for the healthy method by removing the yolk and consuming only 6 eggs per week.


Even the healthiest of hearts crave chocolate at times. Omit white chocolate from your diet. The International Journal of Molecular Science has stated that consuming dark chocolate in moderation reduces blood pressure. How moderation should be defined, we are not sure.


The American Heart Association has warned the public to not take in more than 150 calories of added sugar daily. For the healthy alternative, try stevia or erythritol. Instead of drinking fizzy drinks, choose pure natural fruit juice.


This fish is a great choice for keeping your heart healthy. Salmon contains heaps of omega-3 fatty acids, which have an anti-clotting effect that keeps your blood flowing. The American Heart Association recommends two meals of oily fish weekly.


Monounsaturated fats are found in walnuts, and experts suggest that by eating 5 ounces every week, you reduce the possibility of having heart disease by half.


A great source of soluble fiber is chickpeas. By consuming chickpeas, you lower your level of cholesterol. Make sure you choose the no-salt canned beans, otherwise, wash them with water if they contain salt.

Having a healthy heart consists of eating the right food and avoiding the unhealthy food. To give your heart the best fighting chance, incorporate exercise into your healthy diet and omit tobacco.